November 3-5, 2021


Program of the IEEE MASCOTS 2021 Conference

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All papers are 20 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q/A. All times are in Central Time Zone (CDT, UTC-05:00)



DAY 1: November 3, 2021

9:00 Central Time: Welcome and Introduction
Introduction by the Organizing Committee: Albert Cheng (General Chair), Erol Gelenbe and Jehan-François Paris (Program Co-Chairs), Tadeusz Czachórski (Finance Chair), Krysztof Grochla (Publicity Chair), Ricardo Lent (Publication Chair)
9:15 Central Time: Session 1
Session Chair: Erol Gelenbe
  • Yichong Chen and Giuliano Casale Deep Learning Models for Automated Identification of Scheduling Policies
  • Julien Emmanuel, Matthieu Moy, Ludovic Henrio and Gregoire Pichon S4BXI: the MPI-ready Portals 4 Simulator
  • Norbert Schmitt, Supriya Kamthania, Nishant Rawtani, Luis Mendoza, Klaus-Dieter Lange and Samuel Kounev Energy-Efficiency Comparison of Common Sorting Algorithms
  • Cole Stephens and Kristen Gardner An ”A+” Heuristic for Dispatching in Large-Scale Systems with Unknown Server Speeds
  • Nosayba El-Sayed, Zhuoran Sun, Ke Sun and Ricardo Mayerhofer OLTP In Real Life: A Large-scale Study of Database Behavior in Modern Online Retail
11:00 Central Time: Session 2
Session Chair: Albert Cheng
  • Hebatalla Eldakiky and David Hung-Chang Du Scaling Up The Performance of Distributed Key-Value Stores With In-Switch Coordination
  • Rachel Mclean, Carey Williamson and Lina Kattan Simulation Modeling of Urban E-Scooter Mobility
  • Malek Musleh, Allister Alemania, Roberto Penaranda and Pedro Yebenes Segura Performance Characterization of MPI Allreduce in Cloud Data Center Networks
  • Poornima Nookala, Peter Dinda, Kyle Hale, Ioan Raicu and Kyle Chard Enabling Extremely Fine-grained Parallelism via Scalable Concurrent Queues on Modern Many-core Architectures
  • Aneta Poniszewska-Maranda, Joanna Macioch, Bożena Borowska and Witold Marańda Mechanisms for Transition from Monolithic to Distributed Architecture in Software Development Process

DAY 2: November 4, 2021

9:00 Central Time: Session 3
Session Chair: Tadeusz Czachorski
  • Terry Koziniec, David Murray and Michael Dixon Precomputed Ionospheric Propagation for HF Wireless Sensor Transmission Scheduling
  • Jiseung Kim, Hyunsei Lee, Mohsen Imani and Yeseong Kim Efficient Brain-Inspired Hyperdimensional Learning with Spatiotemporal Structured Data
  • Javen Cui, Liu Sheng and Kai Lu Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Cache Performance Evaluation and Design Exploration
  • Zifeng Niu and Giuliano Casale A Mixture Density Network Approach to Predicting Response Times in Layered Systems
  • Clement Courageux-Sudan, Anne-C ́ecile Orgerie and Martin Quinson Automated Performance Prediction of Microservice Applications Using Simulation
11:20 Central Time: Session 4

Session Chair: Jehan-François Paris

  • Ilias Iliadis, Linus Jordan, Mark Lantz and Slavisa Sarafijanovic Performance Evaluation of Automated Tape Library Systems (best paper award)
  • Arockia David Roy Kulandai and Thomas Schwarz Does XORing Pointers Save Bitflips for NVRAM
  • Jian Liu, Kefei Wang and Feng Chen Understanding Energy Efficiency of Databases on Single Board Computers for Edge Computing
  • Kyle Fredrickson, Austen Barker and Darrell Long A Multiple Snapshot Attack on Deniable Storage Systems
  • Avinash Maurya, Bogdan Nicolae, M. Mustafa Rafique, Thierry Tonellot and Franck Cappello Towards Efficient I/O Scheduling for Collaborative Multi-Level Checkpointing

DAY 3: November 5, 2021

9:00 Central Time: Session 5
Session Chair: Krzysztof Grochla
  • Gyeongsik Yang, Changyong Shin, Yeonho Yoo and Chuck Yoo A Case for SDN-based Network Virtualization
  • Nitin Awathare, Suraj Suraj, Akash Akash, Vinay Ribeiro and Umesh Bellur REBAL : Channel Balancing for Payment Channel Networks
  • Dominik Bojko, Marek Klonowski, Dariusz R. Kowalski and Mateusz Marciniak Exact and Efficient Protective Jamming in SINR-based Wireless Networks
  • Erol Gelenbe, Mert Nakip, Dariusz Marek and Tadeusz Czachorski Diffusion Analysis Improves Scalability of IoT Networks to Mitigate the Massive Access Problem
  • Bogdan Ghit and Asser Tantawi Capri: Achieving Predictable Performance in Cloud Spot Markets
  • Arnab K. Paul, Ahmad Maroof Karimi and Feiyi Wang Characterizing Machine Learning I/O Workloads on Leadership Scale HPC Systems
End of Symposium
Final Comments and Conclusion: Ricardo Lent
Best Paper Award
MASCOTS 2021 Best Paper Award winner is:
Ilias Iliadis, Linus Jordan, Mark Lantz and Slavisa Sarafijanovic Performance Evaluation of Automated Tape Library Systems

Technically Co-Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society